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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Soda Blasting?
Soda blasting is exactly the same process as abrasive blasting where media is propelled via compressed air onto the surface to be stripped or cleaned, only Bicarbonate of Soda is used as the blasting media instead of traditional abrasives. The Bicarbonate of Soda used is specifically formulated for blasting and is larger than what is normally found in household kitchens. So not only can it strip paint and contaminants, it also has the benefit of cleaning the surface being blasted.

Is Bicarbonate Soda Environmentally safe?
Yes, Bicarbonate of Soda is also known as Baking Soda and as stated previously is found in household kitchens. For this reason it makes it perfect for use in the food industry for cleaning conveyor systems etc. Whilst the soda itself does not cause a problem for the environment, the contaminates or paint being blasted off can. For this reason in most cases it is essential to contain or filter what is being blasted off. Bicarbonate of Sodaís alkaline properties could be harmful to plants or vegetation so it is best to ensure all areas are thoroughly hosed down during the cleanup process. It should be noted that Soda Blasting is endorsed by the USDA ( United States Dept of Agriculture) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and is Kosher approved.

Is the blasting process noisy?
Put simply, yes it can be. A large diesel driven compressor is forcing
compressed air and media through what is essentially a small hole . Soda blasting operators are required to wear ear protection at all times during the blasting process and anyone within the immediate working area should do the same.

How long does it take ?
The process varies with each job and all jobs are evaluated at time of consultation. It should be noted that in many cases Soda Blasting can greatly reduce the time it would normally take to either clean or strip the paint in most applications.

How much does it cost?
Soda blasting is normally charged at an hourly rate, however in some cases it can be based on a quotation, Marine vessels are usually charged by size.

Will it warp my Car Panels?
Soda blasting does not generate the heat that traditional abrasive blasting does which is why Soda blasting does not warp or pit car panels at all.

Is Water Used in the blasting process?
Water is only required in the blasting process to keep the dust down where required, however the amount of water used is very little. In most cases however water is not used. When water is being used on site and the area being blasted cannot be contained, Geotextile socks and drain covers are used to ensure none of the contaminates being removed can enter the storm water systems.

Can Soda blasting remove Graffiti?
Most definitely, in fact Soda blasting is a much more environmentally friendly process as no harsh chemicals are used. The best bet when dealing with Graffiti vandals is to remove the graffiti as soon as it is put there, plus the paint is much easier to remove when it is reasonably fresh.

What about clean up and waste disposal?
Clean up is very quick and is done by our operators. The spent Bicarbonate of Soda and contaminate that has been removed is usually swept up and disposed of at most land fill sites. All hazardous materials are disposed of at special areas. SBA follow all E.P.A and local council waste disposal requirements.

What about flash rusting after blasting?
One of the reasons most car enthusiasts love the soda blasting process is due to there being no flash rusting after the metal has been stripped. Soda blasting does not re-profile metal which eliminates the old problems of flash rusting. Another added benefit of soda blasting is that it leaves a protective coating on the metal that has been stripped which gives you time to do repairs before painting. When you are ready to paint you simply hose the vehicle with water (the soda is water soluble) dry it and itís ready for paint, pretty simple really.

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